An aerial photography specialist’s view from above

Azim Khan Ronnie is a great photographer with many, many awards in his name. And we totally understand why. His colorful aerial photography sparks both joy and inspiration. We are proud to have Azim work with us in our 2-monthly Photo Contest. He will be judging the submissions and choose a winner after the Photo Contest is closed for new submissions at the end of February. Let his words inspire you and submit your best work in the Xpozer Photo Contest!

What got you into photography? 

Answer: Photography isn’t my hobby, It’s my passion. Always doing hard work and trying to give my best for one good photograph. I love to travel and photography is my companion. Photography gave me honor, dignity, solvency and peace.


 "I don’t always like to capture things like maps"

Azim Khan Ronnie - Aerial Photographer

What does Aerial Photography mean to you?

Answer: Aerial photography shows us a different perspective and different view from above. Views which we cannot see from the ground. So, aerial photography means to me: taken from above. But it’s not meant to always be taken from the very top. I don’t always like to capture things like maps. 

Which photographers inspire you and why?

Answer: Aerial photographer Florian Ledoux and some Vietnamese aerial photographers inspired me. I always love to capture things I find eye-soothing and which give pleasure to my soul. And I saw these types of photos from them.


 "use a drone like a tall tripod"

Azim Khan Ronnie - Aerial Photographer

What is the most important thing to remember in aerial photography?

Answer: It’s very easy to click in aerial photography, but try to find a unique and interesting frame and composition from above. Photographers can find uncommon and different perspectives with changes in angle and height in aerial photography. And I think photographers should remember that you use a drone like a tall tripod, and you do not always have to take photos as if they are a map. You can also use different angles.

How will you be judging the photos in the Xpozer Photo Contest, and what will you pay extra attention to?

Answer: I will be judging each photo very carefully. I'll pay attention to these questions: 

  • What is the subject?
  • How much effort was given in taking that photo? 
  • And what’s the different perspective and view?

Photo Dilemmas

Dilemma 1: 

Ansel Adams

Max Rive

Ansel Adams or Max Rive? (Both are landscape photographers) 
Answer: Ansel Adams.

Dilemma 2: 

Color or black and white and why? 
Answer: Color. Because I told myself I always love to capture things I find eye-soothing and which give pleasure to my soul. Color photos can give me these.

Dilemma 3: 

Robert Capa

Vivian Maier

Robert Capa (photo-journalist) or Vivian Maier (street photographer) 
Answer: Robert Capa.

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