Winners Photo Contest: Colors of the World, Summer 2020

The winner of the photo contest Colors of the World has been chosen! All beautiful submissions have made it tough on the jury to pick a winner, but there was one picture that stood out. Photographer Katia Stroobants took the picture! Her lonely tree was the subject of her photo and juror Albert Dros was impressed.

Colors of the World Winner

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About the Winning Photo

When Tinne, a classmate from the evening Spanish class who quit her job to spend a year as an au pair at a lodge in Botswana, noticed that she couldn't easily find someone to take a few trips in the surrounding countries during her free weeks, responded I say "I want to go, you know". Another chance had been taken.

The journey was mapped out, a plane ticket booked, a car rented and the 2 women (then 29 and 48 years old) went on a 21-day tour of this beautiful country. I drove almost 5000 km (Tinne did not have a driver's license at the time). Some said we were crazy to do this on our own with the 2 of us, but we never felt unsafe for a moment.

The drive through the Namib Desert to the Sossusvlei and the Deadvlei was of course not to be missed. So we were, like all tourists, at the gate of the nature reserve at sunrise, ready for the 60 km long ride through this beautiful dune area. Dunes that are hundreds of meters high and because of their age (about 900 years) they get an orange color. Breathtakingly beautiful!
I took 600 photos that day.

When I made "The Lonely Tree" and looked at the screen of my camera, I immediately knew that this was a hit. The height of the dune, the line of the edge, the sunlight on one side, more shade on the other and then the tree, bare left and green right. It all made sense.

That was also evident when I let him play in our own club match and he featured in our photo exhibition. He won everywhere.I also won prizes with it in various national and international competitions.

So when I saw the theme of your summer competition, I thought "why don't I bring it up again?"
Photography is very subjective, so it was still a big, but very nice surprise that he won again.
It is and remains my absolute top photo.

About the Winner

Katia Stroobants is an amateur photographer from Belgium with a big passion for travel. Her motto is "take every opportunity that comes your way." Of course always with due attention to financial feasibility. But traveling is the last thing she'll give up on.

You can find more of her work here

Xpert photographer Albert Dros about the winning photo:

This image is technically perfect. While it isn't the most original image, what makes it a winner for me is the creativity used in the composition. One side of the tree is empty while the other side is blossoming, this comes back in the rest of the image. The Emptiness on one side while on the other side the shade creates more texture on the sand. This is what makes this image so appealing. 

Xpozer Team Picks:

The Xpozer Team has chosen two winners for creativity and skills. They will get The Xpozer Prize Package! These are the winners:

Colors of the Worlds Skills Winner:

Marco Rutten

The Netherlands

a Sally Lightfoot crab at Punta Suarez on Isla Española of the Galapagos Islands

About the Photo

Although you can not really call flying to the Galapagos Islands sustainable, while visiting the islands you are made very aware of the incredible landscape, the animals and the fact this should be preserved. Sally lightfoot crabs can be found throughout the island, with their color palette. They especially stand out on the black lava stones. And if they get scared, they will flee or freeze, as if they become invisible .....

About the Photographer

Marco Rutten is a Dutch Photographer with a passion for travel and street photography; nature and the cities with their living beings. Amsterdam is his current home, but the world is his focus. Click here to see his instagram

Colorful Landscapes Creative Winner:

Azim Khan Ronnie


Surrounded by incense

About the Photo

Vietnamese workers sit surrounded by thousands of incense sticks in Quang Phu Cau, a village in Hanoi, Vietnam, where the sticks have been traditionally made for hundreds of years. Incense plays an important role in the spiritual lives of Vietnamese people. People use incense in all worship activities. The bamboo bundles are arranged on the ground on sunny days so as to dry them. To make the incense sticks the bamboo is first split in two, cleaned and dusted and then a third of the stick is coloured red, purple or yellow. To dry them the sticks are laid out on the ground or road-side for about one day. After they have dried, the sticks are collected and put into bunches of about ten and these are fastened together. They are then sold around the provinces.


Taken with DJI mavic 2 Pro Drone.
Shutter Speed: 1/160 sec. 

Aperture: f/4.5 

Focal length: 28mm

ISO: 100

About the Photographer

Azim Khan Ronnie was born in Dhaka and brought up in Bogura, Bangladesh. He has ahuge passion for photography. As a photographer, his essential aim is to capture the moments of life and give them significance by making them static in time. He loves to travel and to be in different places, meet new people, and enjoy the experience that photography offers, which is to capture Earth's beautiful and awe-inspiring moments. He has taken part in many International Photography contest and till now he has won more than 300 international photography awards, including HIPA Merit Medal Award 2018, Andrei Stenin Press Photo Contest Winner 2019, SIENA International Photography Award 2019 & 2020, Two awards from Drone photo contest 2019 and has also been published internationally on numerous different media outlets.

To see more of his work check out Azim's instagram

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  1. Fascinating presentation. Introducing a bit of oriental information in a very colourful way. One would likely never guess the nature of the displays unless they had personally seen them previously. Thank you Azim

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