Creative Photo Ideas for Your Home

There are so many creative ways to hang your stunning photos on the wall. Use these great out-of-the-box ideas to show off your photos in an extra special way. 


Hanging your photos on the wall brings great energy and a personal touch to your home. You  are reminded of all your photo adventures every time you see them and can easily share these adventures with family and friends. Basically, photos on your wall are simply great.

When you want to do something extra creative with your photos, consider using one of these fun photo ideas.

Creatief omgaan met Xpozer fotoprints

Xpozer customer Yl Jas played with the background on which the prints hang – nice! ????

Idea 1: Create a Photo Collage

Feeling stressed about having to choose between so many great photos? Keep it simple and print multiple photos as a photo collage! 

Select photos with a common theme such as your vacation, a family photo shoot, or even a city or nature park. It works especially well if all the photos have a similar color palette. This keeps the photo collage visually consistent and pleasing to the eye.

Do you want to display photos with many different colors? Consider making a classic black and white collage. For a simple how-to on making a photo collage in Photoshop, you can follow the lesson “Creative with Collages” in Xpozer’s e-course or read this article.

Tip: Add your favorite quotes to the collage for an extra unique effect!

Met een collage hoef je niet te kiezen én krijg je kleur in je interieur.
With a collage you don’t need to select just one photo and you can easily add color to your space.

Idea 2: Multi-Panel Photo

Do you want to change it up using only one photo? Try splitting the same photo across two, three or even four photo prints. A multi-panel photo display makes your interior just that much more attractive! Split your photo into several wall prints using Photoshop or another editing program.

We explain exactly how to make a multi-panel photo print using Photoshop in lesson 6 of the the Xpozer e-course “How to Get Your Photos Off the Computer and Into Your Life” (which is included for free with every Xpozer purchase!) ????

Een meerluik breekt je interieur en maakt deze net een beetje leuker.
A multi-panel photo print makes even the most stunning photos more eye-catching.

Idea 3: Photo Grid on the Wall

With a photo grid, you have endless possibilities. Hang many (smallish) wall prints together, either the same size or differing sizes. You can hang them in a neat row, although often it’s more fun to mix it up. Random arranging also makes easier to add new photos to the grid whenever you want. Choose sizes 20″ x 20″ or 20″ x 30″. 

With Xpozer, you can change the photos in your display without changing the layout or frames! Learn exactly how to make an awesome photo grid using in lesson 6 of Xpozer’s e-course.

Deze grid is in een vlak geplaatst en bevat allemaal 45x30 cm fotoprints.

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Ready to hang your photos in your home?

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