Culture and Photography with Ashvin Ghisyawan

Ashvin Ghisyawan is one of the best wedding photographers in the world. And we totally understand why. His magical images of different cultures evoke both joy and inspiration. We are proud to have Ashvin partner with us for our bi-monthly Photo Contest. He will judge the entries and choose a winner after the photo contest closes for new entries at the end of April. Let his words inspire you and submit your best photo to the Xpozer Photo Contest!

Ashvin Ghisyawan Photographer

My name is Ashvin Ghisyawan and I have been a professional photographer for almost 13 years now. 13 years ago I photographed my first wedding and the counter is currently at over 700 weddings. In addition, I participated in TV programs such as "Het Perfecte Plaatje". I was also voted the best wedding photographer in the Netherlands twice and was ranked 4th in an international photo competition as the best wedding photographer in the world.

Culture Photography

Photography has always been magical to me. How amazing is it, that I can share the image I have in my head or special moments, emotions and beauty with the world exactly as I saw it in my head. I can talk about the image I have in my head, but then everyone has a different interpretation. I can articulate that better with a photo.

As a professional wedding photographer I also photograph many multicultural and intercultural weddings in addition to Western weddings. Many of these weddings are accompanied by a lot of color and beautiful details. From special wedding dresses to beautiful locations. Because of the diversity in cultures, I end up in a completely different world every week. From reformed weddings to traditional Hindu weddings. That makes my work very diverse. In addition to wedding photography, I also do the transcultural system therapy course. The choice for this training is based on my need to help people and my interest in world culture.
To keep myself sharp in between weddings, I also practice photography as a hobby. I use my special pets for this. We have 8 parrots and 2 dogs. They now also have their own page on instagram, ParrotsByAsh.

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Culture Xpozer

In my search for beautiful prints, I quickly came across Xpozer. Xpozer is currently the only supplier for me who can display the quality of my Canon equipment with all details on every print. This is not possible with wood, canvas, aluminum or glass. I also like a "floating" photo on the wall, which I can always swap around.

I am honored to be able to judge the photo contest for Xpozer. During this review I will pay attention to the technique and content. As far as the technique is concerned, I will check whether the composition is correct and whether there are too many disturbing elements in the photo. For me it is important that I can immediately see what is happening in the photo, without being distracted by irrelevant objects. In addition, I will also judge the photo on exposure. I think it is important that a photo is not overexposed so that the details are clearly visible in the photo. And finally, the content is the most important for me. What happens in the photo that not only captures your attention, but holds it too.

My Top Tips:

  • Make sure you don't have any disturbing elements behind the main subject. For example, a tree or lamp post which is directly behind a person in the photo can be very distracting
  • Use tight compositions. Think of the famous golden ratio. It can also help to have straight lines in your photo if you find this difficult. An example is, for example, by standing right in front of your subject that you are connected to instead of diagonally.
  • A good and timeless edit, but make sure that your photo isn't over-processed. Will your photo still be a modern timeless photo 10 years from now?
  • Think carefully whether you are submitting the photo in color or black and white. Both can be very beautiful. For example, you can often see more details with color, while black and white can work as an emotion enhancer.
Good Luck!