Editing Portraits – Luminar 4

A few months ago Skylum rolled out the new editing software Luminar 4, which is full of technical highlights. One of them is the"Portrait Enhancer", an intelligent feature that helps you edit your portraits. In this blog we will be giving you the ins and outs on Luminar 4’s Portrait features!


One of the most important elements in a portrait are the models eyes. Your model’s eyes quickly and easily convey the emotion and atmosphere that’s being portrayed. This is why you want the eyes sharp and bright. Skylum has come up with a really easy tool for this. The AI (artificial intelligence), recognizes where the eyes are within the portrat and lets you adjust them accurately with the help of a few simple sliders. 

In addition to the standard features such as "red-eye removal", Luminar 4 offers a few pretty awesome features. For example the AI recognizes the whites of your model’s eyes, meaning you can gradually light them up to give the eyes some more light and zest without making it seem over-edited. Luminar also offers the possibility to remove any dark circles around the eyes, making the eyes stand out a bit more. Another great feature is the"Eye Enhancer", which allows you to improve the eyes in general. With this you lighten and sharpen the eyes to help them stand out even more. There is even a tool for enlarging the eyes. Whether this is an actual asset remains to be seen.. Like with all adjustments, keep your edits nuanced, before you know it you’ve got some supernatural creature with yellow bug eyes! 


Within Luminar 4 you can opt for the"Skin Enhancer" or the"Portrait enhancer". The skin enhancer is also powered by the AI developed by Skylum. With this feature you can eliminate the blemishes and irregularities in the skin without losing detail. The AI is so advanced that all you have to do to make this adjustment is adjust a slider where it would take a considerable amount of time with other software.

The Portrait Enchancer feature gives you the option to illuminate the face without having to create a selection mask. The AI recognizes the face and highlights it nicely without making it seem unnatural. This creates a fresh and bright look without losing any detail in the eye sockets or hairline.

Other useful features are: 

  1. "Eyebrow Improve", this accentuates the model’s eyebrows. This frames the face adding a little more depth to the face of your model. 
  2. "Teeth whitening" is a tool that can whiten teeth. The AI recognizes this as well and will only whiten the teeth without having to create a selection mask. 

Features that you might be less likely to use are,'slim face'(with this you slim the model’s face a bit),'Lips saturation & darkening & redness'(with this you can make the lips of your model redder, darker and more saturated )

All of these features make Luminar 4 a smart software that helps you quickly implement your edits without much effort. The AI is so smart that it is certainly an advantage to edit your portraits.

You can find Luminar 4 from Skylum via the this link!

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