Focus on Landscape Photography

The never-ending talk about beautiful bokeh backgrounds hasn’t found his way into the landscape photography scene. For a very good reason. Whereas with portrait photography you are looking for a nice soft background with landscape photography this is definitely not the case. But how do you get the best landscape shot without creating a boring flat photo? Find out here! 

sharpness focus on landscape photography


One of the key elements in landscape photography is getting the entire landscape sharp. As you probably know by now your aperture has a big role in this. An aperture with the f/11 will get a lot more sharp in your photo compared to a f/4. Yet, you can still shoot beautiful landscape photos with an f/4 aperture. This all depends on the distance between your subject and the landscape. 

When shooting landscape photos the use of a tripod is very much recommended. This because by using a small aperture you will need a longer exposure time. To avoid any motion blur a tripod is your best friend! 

TIP: Use the timer on your camera to avoid getting motion blur from pressing the button. Or use a remote. 

When shooting landscapes it is important you keep the rule of third in mind to avoid creating ‘boring’ photos that won’t attract the attention of the viewer. To learn more about the rule of thirds check our blog about composition.

focus on landscape photography

View Your Photo at 100%

A good way to check whether your photo is fully sharp is by checking it zoomed in to 100%. You can do this in any photo editing software. By viewing your photo at 100%, you can easily find any spots etc.

Want to know more about spot removal? Check out our blog about spot-healing. 

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