Frank Doorhof’s view on photography

My name is Frank Doorhof and I’m a photographer. I also give photography workshops all over the world. It all started when I was young. My parents and grandparents worked with photography and film. It’s no wonder that I turned out to be a photographer with a passion for videography.

How Frank Doorhof became a photographer

To me, as a young boy, one of the most amazing things ever was when my grandfather put a piece of paper into a container with smelly water, which let a photo of my family appear. It was like pure magic! And to this day, it still amazes me. We are like timelords who capture and save pieces of history, happenings and people. We make it possible to relive moments through our photos.

People often find out too late that they don’t own photos of certain people. When saying goodbye to them forever, they are stunned that there are so few photos of them. It seems so natural that these images have to be available. I mean, we’re all constantly taking photos, so surely there’s some of this particular person, right?

Photography to cherish the best moments

Photography helps us cherish the most precious moments. What could be a better gift to a loved one, than giving that moment, to relive again and again? For example, a family photo for Mother’s Day. Cherish these moments and let them be captured by someone who knows how to get the best out of this awesome group of people.

It used to be necessary to print your photos to actually see them, but now most of them stay digital, which fits our lifestyles perfectly. Today’s world is fast and ever-changing. So why would we want to look at the same photo for longer than a couple of months?

People want life to be faster and faster. Thinking about what to do with your pretty photos is too complicated, so if they’re lucky, they might end up a wallpaper on your smartphone. Well, this is exactly why we work with Xpozer. Xpozer is a Dutch product, one to be proud of. They bring your photos into your life.

Frank Doorhof’s beautiful portraits

What do you gift a mother who already has everything this Mother’s Day? All moms would be thrilled to have a beautiful photo of their family. Especially when it’s ready to put on the wall and fits their interior perfectly.

If you want to get a truly different, special photo of you and/or your family, hire a creative photograher, like Frank Doorhof. He works with big contrasts, lots of color and loads of creativity to make his images into something special. Photographers like Frank often work with a stylist to turn little girls into princesses, or who arranges the perfect ball gown. And even if the models are the subject, the professional photographer gets a whole set ready with fitting backdrops and props. Having a professional photoshoot done is an amazingly fun experience and makes a perfect gift. Of course, print the result on Xpozer to have a great souvenir of the fun time you all had during the photo shoot. Next year you do it all over again, but this time you’ll only need an Xpozer Print (you can reuse the Frame!).

More info on Frank Doorhof

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