Idea: Create a photo series!

Do you want to make a cool photo series? You’ve chosen an interesting challenge. I’ll help you out with the following 4 steps.

1. Choose a subject

What do you like? And which colors do you want to add to your interior? These are, in my opinion, the most important questions to ask yourself before you start your project. Whatever you choose, choose something that you’re passionate about. This sort of project can take a lot of your time, and it’s supposed to be fun! 🙂

2. Choose the type of series

Here’s a few examples to inspire you.

Different photos, same subject (for example, ‘coffee’)
Make sure the photos have matching style, color and/or light.

Put the same subject (man with hat) in different settings.
Make sure the subject is always very clearly visible.

Same subject, same color
Four skies, four times in purple. Even though the photos differ and each have their own style and atmosphere, the photos form a whole together.

Some more ideas:

  1. One area in different seasons
  2. One subject from different angles
  3. Sequence: consecutive photos that, together, tell a story

Idea: Make a sequence
Think of the old-school flip book. One of those little books with drawings on each page. You flip through the pages quickly and the drawings seem to form an animation. With as little as 2 photos you can tell an entire story! Or in 4 you could see your child grow up.

3. Choose the best photos

What are the best photos? This is a matter of taste and can be a very hard question to answer. You could pick your favorite photo from a photoshoot, and go from there. Determine what aspect of the photo appeals to you. Do you have photos that would go well with it? Colorwise or storywise?

Another method: choose photos that form a story together. The separate images don’t have to be special on their own; in a story an otherwise boring photo could become very meaningful!

4. Choose sizes and composition

Determine how much of the wall you want to use for your photos. For example: you have an 80″ by 40″ space above your sofa that you want to decorate with 2 photos. You could go for two 40″ by 40″, but don’t forget the space between the Xpozers. Take into account a maximum of a few inches for this (depending on Xpozer size).

Tip: Don’t forget the space between Xpozers

We’ve written about how to choose a composition before. Click here to read more about compositions. If you want to create a sequence, I recommend you hang the photos in a row. We’re used to taking in information from left to right, so your photo story will come across best when you order your photos accordingly. If you have more vertical space, consider your story from top to bottom.

What makes the best photo series?

What makes a photo series best, is a matter of personal taste. I have mentioned some ideas and gave some tips to inspire you. You could try experimenting with these. We’re happy to hear your own ideas and tips as well! Feel free to comment below.

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