Laura Vink’s Summer Story

As you may have noticed, Laura Vink is our professional jury for our September photo contest: Summer Stories! Laura took the above picture at the Eggishorn in Switzerland and this blog is about how Laura Vink’s summer story came to be. We also asked Laura for some tips to capture your perfect summer story. Curious yet?

Persistance delivers

There are only a few days during summer that the cable car on the Eggishorn goes up before sunrise, allowing you to witness the sunrise from the top. Laura was really looking forward to this and went to early to buy her ticket. Unfortunately, when she arrived the cable car for the following morning (the only day possible) was fully booked. She even tried to persuade the cashier, but unfortunately he insisted: It was completely full and they couldn’t fit more people into the cable car. 

So how did she succeed in taking this photo?

Laura decided to keep trying. She kept researching and discovered that it was still possible to make a reservation online for just one Swiss Franc. If that cable car was fully booked, that reservation shouldn’t be possible, right? So she reserved a spot online and walked confidently up to the cash register the next morning. If she got a “Sorry, it’s full,” she would just play the stupid tourist who didn’t understand the difference between reserving and booking.

But Laura hadn’t planned on the same cashier being on duty again the next morning. Oops, he obviously knew what she was up to. In the end, he either really admired her perseverance or maybe two people didn’t show because both Laura and her friend were able to buy tickets and go up. Laura was over the moon, it was a beautiful morning on the mountain! With the above photo as a result.

Laura’s Top 5 Tips to capture your perfect summer story:

1. Plan your day around the light

Light is incredibly important to your photo, it can determine the mood of your photo and the story you’re telling. There is a world of difference between the light of golden hour and the bright light in the middle of the day. You especially see this with landscape photography. The golden hour is the hour after sunrise and the hour before sunset, where the sun is low and has a warm golden glow. A popular photography time. Of course it’s not always possible to photograph during that time of day, for example when you are traveling, but try to plan the day around it a little bit so you can capture the best light.

2. Know the rules, but dare to break them

There are a lot of rules in photography. It’s important to know the rules, but it’s even more important to dare break them. This makes a photo exciting and unique to look at. In some situations breaking the rules is what gives your photo strength.

Normally you’d never want your own shadow in the frame, but by breaking the rules the shadow is what makes this picture. You can see how close to the camera the cow’s head is.

3. Look for reflections

A simple composition tip is to place a reflection in your photo. This is easy because it doesn’t require any special techniques, but it gives your photograph power. For example, try and put the horizon in the middle of the frame and capture the reflection in the water. The symmetry in this composition also creates a calm atmosphere in your photo.

Would you like to make the photo even more exciting? See if you can find a puddle and use that reflection. By placing your camera right above the puddle you create a really fun reflection. Perfect to do in a big city after a big rainstorm.

4. Getting it right in the camera

A bad photo will never become a good one through editing. Always make sure your bases are covered: sharp and well-lit.

5. Do it for YOU

You see the most beautiful photos on social media, in magazines and books you see photos that you’d love to take and even your friends are taking images that have got you jealous. It’s difficult not to compare your own photography with others, but it IS important. If you do, there is a good chance that you will lose the joy in what you do. Consider why you are taking photos. To become the best photographer in the world? Or because it makes you happy? Or to capture moments and experiences from your life? Practice photography for YOU, that way you will enjoy it for life.

Use Laura’s tips and convince her you have the best photo!

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