Photo Contest: Colorful Landscapes 🌄📷


Colorful Landscapes


Join the Xpozer Monthly Photo Contest and win a giant photo print and Xpozer's award-winning photo frame! Give your photo the modern gallery-look it deserves. All photographers welcome!

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1 - 30th of June

Join our Photo Contest! Enter for a chance to win your photo printed on Xpozer.

1 -30th of June

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5 July

Our Expert Jury will provide the Top 25 with feedback as well as pick the winner.

About the theme

As a photographer you experience adventures that you never thought possible. Explore places with the most lively and vibrant colors. 

Create an image that shows elements of nature & colors. They can be themed around landscapes, but extra points for those who can combine these elements. Images should stay photographic in style unless the context of the image is requiring of heavy digital artistry.


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fotowedstrijd prijs

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JURY of the month:

Cuma Cevik   photo contest jury

Cuma Cevik

Cuma Cevik is a professional Turkish photographer and filmmaker based in London. Though Cuma was interested in oil painting, he studied to be a social studies teacher when the art academy proved too costly. It was during university that he took up photography as a creative outlet. Upon graduation, Cuma began travelling the world to shoot stunning outdoor scenes. He was drawn to landscape photography thanks to the rich nature he was surrounded by in the Turkish city of Bolu and has been drawn even closer to landscapes as he’s voyaged around the world. Today, Cuma organises adventurous trips to arange of countries to shoot incredible landscapes.

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