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Photo Contest: Best of 2019 – December

All year you’ve been on a quest for that perfect capture. At the end of the year you look back and come across photos that portray that adventure for you. Even in photos you hadn’t noticed before. We wanted to know, what is your best photo of 2019? This is why this month Photo Contest is all about the Best of 2019. This months winners and Top 25 Feedback are selected by our Xpozer Ambassador Laura Vink!

Best of 2019!

Read all about the winning photo here:

An Animal Person

Originally I only photograph animals, mainly dogs and occasionally horses and cats. I am an animal person and when a colleague photographer organized a photo day in a church with models and owls, of course I signed up immediately … because photographing owls seemed like an amazing experience to me, the model just seemed like a fun challenge to me.

Easier Said Than Done?

When I arrived on location, there was a beautiful church with great big windows and beautiful lighting. The owls had arrived and while everyone shooting away inside the church, I was still out in the rain capturing the owls, ha!

Eventually someone came out to tell me that I should really spend some time indoors as well, because it was such a stunning location. Easier said than done but, yes, it was beautiful inside.

From Impulsive Idea to New Challenge

This capture started off as an impulsive moment. Moving the table inside the church, position the model and bring in the owl. Of course it didn’t happen on its own, but by observing and discovering the owls behaviour and reactions, I was able to capture this moment. It was the icing on the cake for me. Since then I have found a new challenge in working with models. I find it harder to work with models as working with animals comes more naturally to me. However, the challenge is there and that makes me incredibly happy!

The Crowning Moment

This photo is the crowning moment of finding a new challenge for myself and wil definitely get a very special place in my home.

For me, photography is a passion where I can express my creativity. There is nothing better than to create a precious memory for the pet owners I work with.

Camera Info:

This photo was taken with a Canon 5D Mark III and the sigma art 85 mm f/1.4

Exif Info: f/1.8, 1/160, 85 mm

Feedback by Laura Vink:

Feedback: What a stunning capture. The combination of the white, the bird and the woman works really well in this image. The photo creates a really relaxing vibe. Beautiful how the owl looks into the camera and the woman at the owl. Well thought out concept, a true winner!

🎉 🎉 🎉 Congrats Heidi 🎉 🎉 🎉

Jury Picks

The Jury prize has two categories, technique and creativity. Both win the a copy of Laura Vink’s Everyone, PhotoSMART and a $25 gift card!

Best of 2019 Jury Pick: Technique

Jan Guichelaar

Photo Contest Jury Pick Best of 2019 Technique
Klaverblad 2019 Night Mission

Feedback by Laura Vink:

What an amazing capture! And what a unique opportunity, as I assume you are not on the emergency lane illegally with a police van right in front of you. Very good use of circumstances. Great composition, with the posts next to and above the road. The light stars and stripes make the photo stand out. Well done!

Camera Info:

NIKON D800, 70mm, f/14, shutterspeed: 10 seconds

Best of 2019 Jury Pick: Creative

Jacqueline Berghuis

Photo Contest Jury Pick Best of 2019 Creative

Feedback by Laura Vink

Two beautiful ladies, captured beautifully. The contrast in the photo is very clear and beautifully displayed. Focussed on the eyes, perfect! I think the photo would have been even better if you had zoomed in a little more, making the background disappear and getting rid of the tuft of hair in the top left corner. I also think this would make their eyes stand out even more.

Top 25

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