Photo Contest: Birds in Flight 2019

Winner of June 2019 Photo Contest: Birds In Flight

Patience is a virtue

This photo was taken in “De Alde Feanen” National Park in Friesland. Currently the Storks are extremely busy raising their young. the parents are continuously flying up and down until sunset. Every now and then they take a break by, for example, perching on a pole and leaving again a little later. Bea had seen the Stork sitting on the pole, but she was still too far away. Fortunately, she had time to come closer. After waiting a while, the Stork flew up to fly back to the nest. The moment Bea had been waiting for. Just before the sun had completely set she was able to take the photo of the Stork in its last action of the day. The late time provided beautiful light and an already darkening sky. As a result, the emphasis was even more on the Stork.


Finding peace in nature & photography

Bea is a true nature lover and outdoors person. She likes to walk and cycle. She started photography 6 years ago and has developed a true passion. And yes, what Bea photographs is nature. She enjoys both of them to the fullest and it not only gives her pleasure but gives satisfaction and brings calm in hectic and difficult times.
This photo on Bea’s wall will always bring her back to the beautiful moment there in De Alde Feanen and the wonderful encounter with this beautiful bird.


Camera Info

Camera: Canon 5D MarkIV Lens: Canon 70-200 USM IS + Extender 1.4

Exif: ISO1600 f5.6 1/320 sec. 280 mm


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