Photo Contest: Creative Composition – October

Your entire image ultimately depends on your composition. A good and strong composition is essential for a beautiful Xpozer on the wall. That is why the theme for this photo contest was “Creative Composition”. This month our very own team of Photo Xperts chose the winners. We changed things up a bit this month and chose a winner from the Top 25 and 2 Jury Prizes. One for technique and one for the most beautiful composition.

4Pack Winner

The 4Pack winner is Ingrid van Damme with her beautiful composition of the Vroenhoven bridge.

© Ingrid Van Damme

From Nature to Minimalism

When Ingrid first began with photography, she was mainly interested in nature photography. Preferably photographing sea and land-scapes

Exploring nature with her camera, she can truly relax. Earlier this year she also started black and white photography with a minimalist approach. Definitely a change from nature photography.

A Challenge

It’s always a fun challenge for Ingrid to continue to find a creative approach and create atmospheric images. Photography has become a true passion for Ingrid, because of the tranquility and challenge photography gives her.

The Vroenhoven bridge in Riemst had been on Ingrid’s to do list for some time. This location was perfect for her black and white photography. This seemed like a fun challenge for Ingrid and that’s why she drove there one day. The long drive from Antwerp to Riemst was absolutely worth the experience and beautiful image she got out of it.

Waiting for the Clouds

When Ingrid arrived she saw her image coming together already! The weather was perfect for a day of photography, some sun and sublime cloud parties. That really adds value to your photo. It took her a while to find the right angle. Searching until she could take the picture exactly as she had in mind. Patience is one of the terms of photography. That is why Ingrid had to wait a while until the clouds were in perfect position. It was worth the wait as she came home with this stunning image.

This price is a big win for Ingrid. With a photo exhibition on the horizon in 2021, this photo along with others printed with the 4-pack from Xpozer will definitely make an impact!

Camera Info

Camera: Canon EOS 5D MKIV
Lens: Canon 16-35 f4 L IS USM
Camera Settings: F13 – 1/100 – ISO 250 – -0.33 exposure – focal length 16 mm

Jury Prize

The Jury prize has two categories, technique and composition. Both win the Amazing Photography Book this month

The jury prize technique was won by: Erik Pörtzgen!

Photo Contest Creative Composition Technique Erik Pörtzgen!
© Erik Pörtzgen

The Jury Prize: Composition was won by: Arthur van Orden

Photo Contest Creative Composition Arthur van Orden
© Arthur van Orden

Top 25

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