Photo Contest Theme: Spring Is Coming

March is for many of us the start of spring. The first signs of nature coming back to life start to pop up. Flowers rise from the ground, days are getting longer and the temperatures rise. Reason enough to grap your camera gear and start shooting some photos for the photo contest theme: Spring Is Coming! 

Bright colours such as the light green of the new leaves on the trees and plants, the white and pink of the blossom are distinguishably for the spring. Everyone, including the animals, are out and about again, the whole world feels alive again. (Keep the current situation in mind when going out, follow the instructions of the health experts). These are great times for getting colourful spring photos! 

We don't recommend going out unnecessarily to take a picture. You may also submit photos from a previous spring.

Things to photograph in spring


Nature is one of the main things that makes spring what it is. All the trees and plants come back to live with all there colours and glory. Making nature a beautiful sea of colours. Even on as cloudy day this colours will look stunning, so don't just go out when the sun is out! The key thing is to pay attention to your composition and the use of the colours. A fresh green field creates a nice contrast with white and pink from the blossoms. 


We as humans get more active when the spring arrives, but animals might just be the most active of us all. Spring is a create time for photographing animals, whether they are wild animals our just your dog. They all become more active in spring. When photographing animals try to get to a eye hight sight to create an engaging image. This way the image doesn't feel flat and a bit boring, but you feel like you are right there with the animal. Using a telephoto lens will help you create an even more engaging image. It will separate the animal more from the background, making you feel like it right there in front of you. 


Macro photography is always intriguing but spring is prime time for macro photography! With everything coming back to life and the changes in nature, macro photography will let you see just that little bit more. From small animals to the little plants with their bright colours. One of the animals that gets really active in spring is the frog. This amazing little fella jumps around the little creeks and lakes. If you take a steady approach you can get real close to them and get that perfect macro shot! Patience is key! 


Grab your bike, start running, do some outside yoga, people get out and about in spring. A great opportunity to get some action shots. Spring is also a great time to get colourful portraits of your kids or family. Try to shoot at a eye hight sight for the engaging images, but don't forget to try something different. For example a low perspective, giving your subject a more prominent place in your photo. 

Hopefully these tips and examples triggered your creativeness! We challenge you to submit your best spring photos for the photo contest theme: Spring Is Coming. We would love to see your results! Join here: Spring Is Coming

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