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Tell a story of a place or a person with your photo

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Join the Xpozer Monthly Photo Contest and win a giant photo print and Xpozer's award-winning photo frame! Give your photo the modern gallery-look it deserves. All photographers welcome!

Be inspired and join the Xpozer Photo Contest!


1 - 30th of April

Join our Photo Contest! Enter for a chance to win your photo printed on Xpozer.

1 -30th of April

Share your photo on Facebook or Twitter and get your photo into the Top 25!

6 May

Our Expert Jury will provide the Top 25 with feedback as well as pick the winner.

About the theme

Create an image that shows elements of narrative & context. They can be themed around people or places, but extra points for those who can combine these elements. Images should stay photographic in style unless the context of the image is requiring of heavy digital artistry.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, physical distancing  & travel is vastly limiting. So, this means we can look towards our immediate surroundings for inspiration.

Maybe you want to submit an older image or maybe you can create something new with a family member, spouse or roommate. Points will be given towards creativity and telling a story.


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JURY of the month:

Dave Kai-Piper

Dave Kai-Piper is a British born photographer living in-between Ireland and the UK. His work is based in the portraiture world with fashion and beauty elements blended together.

When not working he is exploring the world on two wheels shooting and documenting the world around him. Over the years he has been an ambassador for Fujifilm, SmugMug, 3 Legged Thing, Peli Cases, Trek Pak and many more international brands, alongside teaching photography at Wolverhampton University + writing for many known publications about the world of photography.

More info and photos at:

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