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Photo Contest – Win an Xpozer 4Pack 🎉

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What is your story?

Join the Xpozer Monthly Photo Contest and win a giant photo print and Xpozer's award-winning photo frame! Give your photo the modern gallery-look it deserves. All photographers welcome!

New Year, New Challenges!

Be inspired and join the Xpozer Photo Contest

Jan 2nd -31st

Join our Photo Contest! Enter for a chance to win your photo printed on Xpozer.

Jan 2nd -31st

Share your photo on Facebook or Twitter and get your photo into the Top 25!

Feb 5th

Our Expert Jury will provide the Top 25 with feedback as well as pick the winner.

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1st PRIZE:

Do's : 

  • Black & White Photos
  • Color Photos
  • People
  • Animals

Don'ts : all rules

  • No watermarks
  • No "Selfies"
  • No Screenshots


Of the Month

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Everyone at Xpozer has a passion for photography. Our team varies from professional photographers to hobby photographers to beginners!

It does not matter what level of photography you're at. We don't just look at the best photo. It's about the photo with the most potential for photo printing.
Our jury will provide each photo in the Top 25 with personal feedback!

As a photographer you experience adventures that you never thought possible. You visit the most beautiful places, meet special people and cultures and you can even overcome your greatest fears through photography - all of that through the search for the perfect photo.

Once you have captured the perfect photo, you will experience a moment of happiness and euphoria. Those perfect moments evoke an emotion, it shows who you are and what you find important. 


Xpozer 4Pack - 24"x36" or 60x90cm

Enter and win the fantastic Xpozer 4Pack worth $239.95

Discover more about the Xpozer 4Pack:

  • Xpozer's Vivid Satin Photo Prints are 100% Glare-Free
  • Razor-sharp prints
  • Hang them perfectly with Xpozer’s award-winning photo frame
  • Switch photos easily and hang your newest shots using the same frame in minutes.
Xpozer 4PACK

Jury Prizes: Xpozer GIFT Pack

Enter and win these awesome and educative Xpozer Goodies! 

  • Everything you need to take your photography to the next level! 
  • Includes the RAWsome Xpozer T Shirt.
  • As well as the Amazing Photography Book!
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This is how Xpozer works

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