🧡 Photograph your passion

Photography is your hobby, your passion and/or your work. You do it because you love it. Photography is a pastime that can be combined with other hobbies or passions quite easily. Our advice is: photograph things you love!

Taking photos is always fun. But some subjects interest you more than others. If you combine your passion for photography with other passions of yours, photography gets even more enjoyable!

So … what do you love?

My passion is …

I 🧡 Sports

Do you love sports? Whichever sport you photograph, it’s always a fun challenge! In some sports it’s the speed that is the challenge, like with running. With some sports it is the timing that makes it tricky, like with swimming. Find your own challenge and photograph away!

I 🧡 Family

Are you a family person? That means you always have models to your disposal! Family is an ever changing subject. A family sometimes grows, sometimes shrinks. On thing is for sure: people change. They get older, relationships change, people dye their hair, change jobs, change lives. How awesome would a decades long family photo project be?

I 🧡 Animals

Do you love animals? Make a cool animal collage or a series of photos. You could, for example, take a photo of your pet every year, to capture his whole life. Or get out there and find wild animals in nature.

👉 Tip: Make sure you use the right lens. Choosing an unsuitable lens for the job can spoil your photo. Don't take a photo of your puppy in the living room with a huge telephoto lens, and don't take a photo of a bird in the sky with a wide angle lens. Gain some good advice by a real pro.

I 🧡 Travel

I don’t know any photographer who doesn’t love to travel. Of course that could just be a coincidence. Travel is quite a broad concept, and could mean lots of things to lots of different people. Traveling is a matter of personal taste and preference. Are you a real globetrotter? Then you probably carry your camera with you everywhere you go. Traveling can give you loads of inspiration. Whenever you can, bring your camera on all your travels!

I 🧡 Myself

Loving yourself is the most important factor in your own happiness. So, take care of yourself, and do what you love! Is portrait photography your passion? You might not always have a model at your disposal. Or do you? Photograph yourself and make the most gorgeous portraits. Exactly the way you want it, and without having to give your model instructions or having to deal with other people’s schedule whatsoever. The more you practice, the better you become! That way, you’ll grow from a selfie-Facebooker into a portrait expert.

Why photographing your passion is good for you

Photographing something you love has multiple benefits.

  1. It motivates you to develop your photography skills
  2. It motivates you to make time for your passion
  3. If you love something, you want to spend time doing it. So if you can combine two passions of yours, that’s kind of perfect, isn’t it?
  4. You combine and enjoy your passions to the fullest by printing your photo on Xpozer and enjoy your photography every day!
👉 Tip: Always bring your camera. Even if you're not sure you will see anything interesting. Missing a perfect photo moment is very frustrating!

Enjoy taking photos! Your best results are very welcome to be uploaded in our bi-monthly Photo Contest. Each Photo Contest has its own theme, to fit everyone’s style. And it’s for everyone, whatever your level of experience or wherever you’re from.

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