Photography with (rain) water

The most magical photos can be made in or before rainfall. Yes, you might have to wear a raincoat and protect your gear, which might seem like too much of a hassle, but the results can be so, SO rewarding! Here’s a few examples that will hopefully inspire you to take photos with water as the subject.

Black and white ideas with rain

Photos in black and white give your image a totally different vibe. It can be mysterious, makes lighting more spectacular and can remove distracting items in your frame.

Use water in nature as an inspiration

Pretty photos can be made in your own garden. Look around, zoom in and find a plethora of new photo subjects.

Use the gifts that water can give you

The effects created by water are like little gifts to us photographers. For example, reflections in water do very well in most photographs. Also, water can help you create the most wonderful abstract and artsy photos.

So, enough to work on, even on a rainy day. If there’s no rain, use a plant sprayer and watering can to create these cool effects yourself. Enjoy your photoshoot!

The prettiest results might fit the Photo Contest. Don’t hesitate to upload your work!

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