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Winners Photo Contest: Spring is Coming, March 2020
In March we look forward to springtime. Spring makes us think of freshly mown grass, colorfull flowers and the first[...]
Photo Contest Theme: People and Places
It seems as photographers all over the world are having challenging times right now. The good folks at Xpozer have[...]
Photo Contest Theme: Spring Is Coming
March is for many of us the start of spring. The first signs of nature coming back to life start[...]
Winners Photo Contest: Perfect Portraits, February 2020
A portrait photo is not just a photo. Portrait photos tell stories, some we can relate to, some might a[...]
Photo Contest: My Xpozer Moment, January 2020
Once you have captured the perfect photo, you will experience a moment of happiness and euphoria. Those perfect moments evoke[...]
How To Catch That “Picture Perfect Moment”
When it comes to photography, timing is everything. It can make the difference between a photo you’d rather bin immediately[...]
Photo Contest: Best of 2019 – December
All year you've been on a quest for that perfect capture. At the end of the year you look back[...]
Presets Guide – Quick and Easy Editing
You’ve probably heard of presets before but, what does a preset do and, how do you use it? This is[...]
Photo Check Guide
Welcome to our Photo Check Guide! Specially curated by our Photo Xperts. This is whyYou like to click with your subject,Your[...]
Sharpening and Noise Reduction
Sharp photos are essential to create an appealing image. It all starts when with the moment you're capturing photos, making[...]
Focus on Landscape Photography
The never-ending talk about beautiful bokeh backgrounds hasn’t found his way into the landscape photography scene. For a very good[...]
White Balance – 3 Ways to Correct It.
Colors make and break our photos! We want our grass to be green, the skies to be blue and skin[...]

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