Color brings your photo to life. From a beautiful sunset in Morocco, the purple lavender fields in the South of France or the tulips in the Netherlands. To make sure that your photo really stands out, you have to play with color. We’ve gathered some tips to help you pop your colors!


Similar to black / white photographs, contrast plays a major role in color photos. By using contrasting colors you can make your photo even more powerful. These colors, called complementary colors, are orange / blue, red / green and yellow / purple. By putting these colors together you bring your photo to life. This is a very good way to grab the viewer’s attention and creating a powerful image.


Saturation plays a major role in printing your photo as beautifully as possible. We often only see our photos on a screen where the photo is illuminated. Also called “backlight.” However, when your photo is printed it does not have a “backlight”. To prevent your printed photo from being “flat”, we advise you to improve this. BE CAREFUL, don’t up the saturation too much, as this will not benefit your photo! Make sure your colors look natural, all you want to do here is creating enough saturation to optimise the photo for print.

Saturation is easiest to adjust in programs such as Lightroom, Luminar or Photoshop. Here you can adjust the general saturation but also per color. So if, for example, you want to bring out the fall colors just a little more, you can raise the saturation of the orange / red hues.

Don’t have any of these editing programs? No problem! Even the more basic programs let you adjust the saturation of your photo. For example, you can adjust this via the “Photos” app on your Mac or via the standard Windows “Photos” app. This applies to both adjusting the saturation and contrast.

TIP: Luminar 4 offers you all kinds of options to help you pop your colors!

through using saturation the colors in this landscape truly pop off the screen and print!


Color is a great ambiance creator for your photo. The amount of color in your photo sets the tone of the image. The color tones determine what kind of ambiance your viewer experiences.

With the color blue, we immediately think of winter temperatures and landscapes. We link beautiful snowy mountains and ice to the color blue. When we think of summer days, the colors yellow and orange stand out. The well-known golden hour is a perfect example where these colors come together to create a wonderful summer feeling.

bring your summer photo to life with the colours yellow and orang. golden hour

Want to create a refreshing ambiance? Then green is your color! We link this color to the refreshing forest and open nature. Green gives a calm ambiance and brings your viewer to a quiet moment in which they can perfectly take in your photo.

If you want your viewer to view your photo intensely, choose the color red. In addition to love and passion, Red also represents danger. Your viewer will experience a photo with a lot of red more intensely than a photo with a lot of green.

When you take these elements with you when shooting, you know you’re bringing a stunning image to your viewer.

Use these tips to pop your colors and share the results with us on instagram!

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