Removing Chromatic Aberration in 4 Simple Steps

Any photo enthousiast, like all of us at Xpozer, wants to make sure our photos look amazing before we print them! One thing that is often overlooked is chromatic aberration. Yet, it’s an essential part of preparing your photo for print. In this article we’ll give you a step by step guide to removing chromatic aberration!

Chromatic aberration

We’ve all seen the green and/or purple lines in our photos. Usually visible on the edges of subjects with high levels of contrast. This ‘color-fringing’ is created when a lens isn’t able to process the colors correctly. 
On a big print chromatic aberration will always be visible. The bigger the print, the more of a nuisance it’ll be. There aretwo ways you can ‘fight’ the chromatic aberration. Either avoid it or adjust it. 

Avoiding chromatic aberration

The best way to avoid chromatic aberration is using specially developed lenses. These lenses are build to avoid chromatic aberration, unfortunately that comes at a price. Luckily there are other cheaper alternatives.
Chromatic aberration is created when there is a lot of high contrast in a photo. Trying to avoid this will help you avoidchromatic aberration. Changing your focal length will usually help avoid this as well. By changing this you will automatically change the way the light gets to your sensor. 

When avoiding did not go to plan

It happens, you try to avoid the aberration but it’s still there. No worries! Photo editing software such as Lightroom is a great way to get rid of the chromatic aberration. 
You can remove chromatic aberration by going to the ‘lens corrections’ in Lightroom. Here you will find the option‘remove chromatic aberration’, simply tick this box and Lightroom will do the rest. 

You can also choose to do this manually. Simply choose the color Lightroom recognizes as the chromatic aberration. Select the exact pixel on your photo and Lightroom will adjust the rest of your photo accordingly. 

removing chromatic aberration

Step by Step Guide for Lightroom

  1. Open Lightroom
  2. Select your photo of choice and click on the Develop heading in the top right
  3. Find the box: “Lens Corrections” in the menu on the right
  4. Tick the ‘Remove Chromatic Aberration’ box

By removing the chromatic aberration you will end up with a photo as memorable as the moment you took it! 

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