How Albert Dros took the impossible photo

This story about the impossible photo taken by Albert Dros comes straight out of our book Amazing Photography. A book that opens doors to the photography mindset, and encourages us to get the best out of our photos and bring them into our homes. That way, we can enjoy them again and again. Our passion brought us to personal stories from photographers from all over the world! In this article, Albert tells part of his story.

The dream image

Albert: “With this image in mind I planned the photo up to the tiniest detail. I checked when the Milky Way would align with the Fuego and from which perspective. I kept an eye on the volcano’s activity for weeks. With all the gathered info I chose an exact date and time that gave me the highest possible chance of a successful photo.”

The crucial preparation

“The Fuego has an altitude of 3505 meters and temperatures can differ a lot between night and day. As you might expect, this photo takes a lot of preparation. It was a hard, 6-hour hike, I needed a clear sky and I needed to know exactly where I’d set up my gear.”

The desire to relive the moment

“Once I had taken the impossible photo, I wanted to be able to look at it every day. A printed version gives the image a whole new dimension; very different from a digital version. Printed photos are tangible, brought to life so to speak.”

The impossible photos’ maker, Albert Dros

Hopefully this article inspired you to take your own ‘impossible photo’. And hang it in your home, of course, so you can enjoy it every day!

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