This Is How You Make Original Family Portraits

It’s nearly Mother’s Day! Time to spend some time with our moms and to spoil them with a beautiful Xpozer. But what kind of picture will you choose to decorate her wall? It’s quite likely that she would be very happy with a picture of one of her(grand)kids. We’ll give you a few ideas for how to make original family portraits.

Idea 1: A party!

A family portrait doesn’t have to be boring at all! Just make it a party and you’ll create a joyful picture.

This is How You Make Original Family Portraits

How to get it done

  • Step 1: Play some festive music to set the mood.
  • Step 2: Put on your party hats, wear matching outfits, and collect some cool photo props.
  • Step 3: Choose a fitting background.
  • Step 4: Choose a fast shutter speed, because especially for kids, it’s pretty hard to stand still.
  • Step 5: Focus on getting that fun atmosphere, which will create a casual, cool image. Nothing’s worse than having to stand still for 5 minutes and smile until your cheeks hurt, followed by a big crying session when seeing the end results. That smile is not real, and you’ll feel it when you see the picture.

Idea 2: Revive an old picture

This has been a hype online for a while now: recreating an old photo. Dust off the old photo albums and search for a picture that shows all of you. This idea works best with a really old picture.

This is How You Make Original Family Portraits

How to get it done:

  • Step 1: Search for a picture that you can recreate.
  • Step 2: Create as many similarities as you possibly can. Pay attention to clothing, location, lighting, and hairstyles.
  • Step 3: Combine the old and the new picture in your photo editing software and print them together in one Xpozer.

Idea 3: Recreate a famous artwork for making original family portraits

Search for a famous artwork, maybe even your mom’s favorite, and recreate it as a family.

How to get it done:

  • Step 1: Create the entire setting of the painting, including the background, clothing, poses, and facial expressions.
  • Step 2: Especially in works of Rembrandt and other great artists alike, lighting plays a very important role. Try to copy the lighting as close to the painting as you can, for a better recognizable image.
  • Step 3: Sign the picture, just like the original artist did. The small details make your picture perfect!

Idea 4: Collage

This is How You Make Original Family Portraits

It’s quite likely not possible for everyone to get together with all family members these days. For those who aren’t able to get together: you could make a cool collage!

How to get it done:

  • Step 1: Have a plan to make sure all pictures go together well. For example, you could make them all in black and white, all wear matching outfits or have the same hairstyles.
  • Step 2: This idea works best if the pictures form a whole. You could have everyone point to another person, for example. This looks really cool if the pointing is aligned in a clockwise manner. You’ll think of something cool!

Tip: Go to to create a collage from your pictures. They let you create a high quality collage for free(!), and have many lay-out options. 

Idea 5: For music lovers

This idea is a bit like the painting idea, but that doesn’t make it any less fun! Some moms are more into music than art, so: why not recreate a cool album cover or a famous band picture?

How to get it done:

  • Step 1: Pay attention to recognizable elements and show them clearly in your picture. For example, choose a picture of the rock band Kiss. What stands out in the picture? Which of the family members should have which particular look?
  • Step 2: Are you recreating the famous Abbey Road picture of The Beatles? It’s very likely that you won’t be able to visit the actual picture’s location. You’ll have to look for a similar location. Make sure the crosswalk is clearly visible and avoid any distracting elements, like parked cars. In this particular example: be careful in traffic, please!
  • Step 3: You are allowed to do a lot of editing afterward to create the perfect look-a-like picture. Brushing away that parked car is okay. It might feel like cheating, but everything that makes the perfect end result is okay, no worries.

So, this is how you make original family portraits. Hopefully, with this article, we’ve helped spark your creativity. Our last tip: don’t take it too seriously. Just have fun and you’ll see it in the end result! We’re always here to help, with our photo check or optimization. Have fun shooting pictures!

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