Photo Contest ‘Animals’: The Winners!

It's decided, the winners of the Xpozer Photo Contest 'Animals' are chosen. In total we had 944 submissions in this contest. They got a total of 3,490 votes. It's a great accomplishment to win from all of these great photos. The winner, top 25 and personal feedback from the jury (Jasmijn) are below. Congrats to all winners and thank you all for joining the Xpozer Photo Contest.

Here's the winner!

Jasmijn (jury) about the winning photo:

This photo triggers my imagination. In my mind, the dog is either curious about what his master is doing, or it feels excluded and wants to be part of the family.

I see the dog's character, there is a story in this photo and it makes me laugh, too. This photo completed the assignment best, I think. 

Congrats, Wybrich Plomp!


I would have upped the brightness in the right eye a bit. Or lighten the dark spots in that area. The nose is in focus, instead of the left eye. And last but not least, the door frame could have used a bit of a cleanup using Photoshop or Lightroom. But these are all just deatils. It's a great image.

Check out Jasmijn's feedback below in the top

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And two more winners ...

The jury has spoken, but the Xpozer Team has chosen 2 more winners. One for creativeness, and one for technique. Congrats on all winners!

Congrats on this photo, Linda Luten!
Our feedback: Pretty photo with pretty light. Technically, this photo is well executed. It's great that the dog is looking at the lights. The focus was well set and the modest color palette works well. This photo would look great on the wall in a natural interior style filled with earthy colors and natural materials.

Congrats on this photo, Helena Zanting!
Our feedback: This photo is very original, because of the well-chosen composition, the beautiful colors, great pastel shades in the background. We love how the little bug is waving at us. A unique and funny photo!

All winners are contacted via email. Thank you all for your wonderful submissions. And of course, congratulations to the winners. Would you like to join our next Photo Contest? The new contest's theme is 'Landscapes'. Send in your photo now and win! Join the Photo Contest >