Winner Photo Contest Colors of the World

We’ve had a beautiful photogenic summer these past few months. The Xpozer Photo Contest took 2 months instead of 1. In the future we will keep the 2-month Photo Contest periods. This gives photographers a little more time to make their best photos.

The theme was Colors of the World. We have received so many great photos. The top 10 is a top 11 this time, due to number 10 and 11 having the exact same amount of votes. The winner is revealed by pro photographer Albert Dros, in the video below.


The winner is Katia with her beautiful sandy landscape. Congratulations, Katia! You win the Xpozer 4Pack and the beautiful book WowScapes by Albert Dros.

Thanks for all of your amazing submissions. Of course, the new Photo Contest has started. The theme is The Art of Black & White. Enjoy photographing!