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The winner of the Photo Contest has been chosen! Beautiful photos and awesome stories have been uploaded to our system. Thank you all for your submissions!

And the winner is …

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About the Winner

Photographer: Andrew Thomas 

Photo: Monday Morning Magic

Instagram:  @andrewtphoto

Xpert judge Laura Vink about the winning photo.

That cloud is awesome! The shape and the colors caused by the rising sun, beautiful! The shape of the cloud has a double S-shape in the photo due to the reflection, which makes the image very exciting. The trees on the left and the mountains on the right balance the photo. Beautifully captured!

2nd Place: 

Cilia Hoekman
The Netherlands

Upcoming hailstorm above the Flevopolder

Xpert judge Laura Vink about the photo.

Wow, what a picture! I can imagine that if you saw this coming toward you, it wouldn’t make you very happy. But photographically it’s a great image! The composition with the farm in the middle and the windmills on either side is well chosen. The subtle lines in the meadow draw your eyes into the photo.

3rd Place:

Mitch Ridder


A passing winter storm creates this amazing sunset and silhouettes of Seal Rock and Catalina Island 26 miles offshore in the distant haze. Crescent Bay Beach, Laguna Beach, California.

Xpert judge Laura Vink about the photo.

This breathtaking sky is beautifully captured by the photographer. The rocks give the photo a nice depth effect and the couple standing on the rocks adds just that little bit extra! I would like to be here too. The panorama crop gives the photo a nice symmetry with the dark blue/purple bottom (the water) and the dark top (of the sky).

Top 25

This was the top 25 of the competition. See if you are there and read the feedback from Laura Vink on all photos!

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