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About the Winner

Photographer: CHINMOY BISWAS

I am CHINMOY BISWAS, a school teacher by profession, photography is my passion. I spend my leisure hours with my 

camera. Like to capture human life and nature. Dream to create a world of photography of my own. My photographic

 journey began in early 2013. During this journey I achieved some awards nationally and internationally.Of them, Olympus 

Photo Contest-2018 (Third Place in Story Category), Blipoint Photo Contest-2018, Spain ( Theme-Earth, First Place), Better Photography,Photo Contest-2018 (First Place in Black and White Category) and many other awards from 

different Photography Organisations Nationally and internationally.

Photo: “LONG WAY TO GO” @chinmoy1976

Camera info:

Camera- NIKON D3100

Lens- NIKKOR 18-140mm

Aperture- f/8

Shutter Speed- 1/250 sec.

ISO- 200

Focal Length- 75mm

About the Photo

This image was taken at Pushkar Camel Fair, in Rajasthan, India. Pushkar camel fair is one of the largest camel
fairs in the world. Camel traders from different parts of Rajasthan and also from adjacent states come here to sell
and buy their pet camels. Thousands of camels fill up the fairground, which has an area of several square kilometers.
Tourists and photographers from all over India and also from many countries of the world come here to enjoy this
famous camel fair.

In this image, the camel traders are coming to the fairground through a sandy path along with the camel herd. Two men
are walking in front of the camel herd and two are in the back to control the camels. They all are wearing traditional Rajasthani dresses.While they are coming through the sandy path, sand is blowing in the air, as the camels legs are hitting the sandy
ground. Falling sunlight on the blowing sand adds extra effect to the image.Camel trading is a part of culture in rural Rajasthan.
Through this image we can find and feel their culture.

Xpert judge Ashvin Ghisyawan about the winning photo.

This photo is the winner for me. Besides seeing a lot of culture, this one also looks nice. Regarding composition, the story with the camels continues in the background. The shepherds are especially noticeable because of their clothing and it is special to see how much tranquility the photo radiates. I also find it interesting to see that some camels are decorated with a cloth or wreath. That makes the photo extra vivid. I am very curious where this photo was taken.

Xpozer Team Picks!

The Xpozer Team has also chosen two winners. One for Most Creative and one for Technical Skills. These winners win the Xpozer Prize Pack!

Captivating Cultures Skills winner:

Raïs De Weirdt

Sands of Time

Captivating Cultures Creative Winner:

Eric t'Kindt


The famous one-legged fishermen, Inle Lake, Birma

This photo was taken on the inle lake in Burma. The famous one-legged fishermen fish this way and some only do it for the tourists. I had already photographed these men in the morning and then asked them to come back in the evening at sunset. That way I could photograph them quietly during the sunset because I had rented a boat for my wife and myself and a tip for the fishermen and the boatsman did the rest.

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