Winners Photo Contest: Colorful Landscapes, June 2020

The winner of the photo contest Colorful Landscapes has been chosen! All beautiful submissions have made it tough on the jury to pick the winner, but there was one picture that stood out. Photographer António Coelho took the picture! His lonely landscape was the subject of his photo and juror Cuma Cevik was impressed.

Colorful Landscapes Winner

Photographer Cuma Cevik selected this months winner. And the winner is …  António Coelho

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Winning photo  Colorful Landscapes June 2020 Antonio Coelho

About the Winning Photo

António travels a lot for work and this image was taken when he was in his way home in Castelo Branco. Minutes before a massive thunderstorm broke loose.

The image was captured with my old Nikon D7100 with Tokina ATX 11-16 2.8 + f5.6+ 1/500 and with remote trigger on a tripod. 

About the Winner

António Bernardino Coelho is an electrical engineer from Portugal with a big passion for photography. In the past few years he has won several awards in photography. One of them being the Sony Awards with Portugal National Award in 2018 and 2020,  he also won the 2017 Xposure Festival of Photography in Sharjah.

His love for photography goes further than just landscapes, he also loves a lot of other techniques like conceptual, macro, architecture and still-life. You can find more of his photography work on his Instagram.

Xpert photographer Cuma Cevik about the winning photo:

Excellent color, fantastic work.
The sky and ground colors create a beautiful harmony.
The composition is excellent. The lone tree in the composition, adding
emotion to the picture. Very nice image.

Xpozer Team Picks:

The Xpozer Team has chosen two winners for creativity and technique. They will get The Xpozer Prize Package! These are the winners:

Colorful Landscapes Technique Winner:

Annick Henneman

The Art of Nature

The Story

This photo was taken at the end of February 2018 in Svolvær, Lofoten (Norway).

That night we went exploring outside the town  to spot and capture the Northern Lights on camera. When we came back to our cottage and got ready for bed, suddenly the Northern Lights came back much brighter than before. Annick quickly ran outside with her camera and tripod, in her pajamas, a thick coat and a hat of course because it was well below zero! 

17mm, f/4.0,10 sec, ISO 400

About the Photographer

Annick's passion for photography was born from her passion for the far North, nature and travel in general. When she wanted to take more beautiful pictures while traveling, she started with a photography course. Before she knew it, Annick had completed the 5-year trajectory of photographer. When traveling, you will  find her everywhere with her camera, in particular to capture 'The Art of Nature'. You can find more of her work on Instagram.

Colorful Landscapes Creative Winner:

Evgeny Chertov


The Story

A lonely canoe at the most beautiful lake of Canadian Rockies - Lake Emerald. Located in the very heart of Yoho National park in Canada, it always grants us with gorgeous, sometimes surreal views. Autumn is Evgeny's favorite time to photograph when the lake is covered by thick a thick blanket of fog. When sunrise comes around the first sunbeams can create the most stunning images, turning our reality into something magical and serene. It is so quiet there you can hear a pin splash into the water. A small and cozy old-style lodge also contributes to the pleasure of being there. You can sit in absolute silence in front of the fireplace with a glass of wine, or standing at the deck above its waters, enjoying the moment.


25mm, f/13, 1s, ISO 100

Canon 5D Mark III,

Lens Canon EF17-40f/4L USM

About the Photographer

Evgeny is an amateur photographer and resides in Calgary in the close proximity to the Rockies. He loves hiking with his camera to freeze the beauty of Mother nature and sharing his photographs with the world. Photography is his passion and he is at his happiest  when people are enjoying his pictures.

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