Winners Photo Contest: Perfect Portraits, February 2020

A portrait photo is not just a photo. Portrait photos tell stories, some we can relate to, some might a little less. A good portrait will make you stop and think about it for an extra second. It brings up emotion and feelings. One of the great things about photography! Having a portrait print in your home or office can give the room a certain mood or feeling. You can make a space feel serious, nostalgic or a very happy place! Do you have a portrait that you can relate to or that gives you a big boost of emotions?

Perfect Portraits Winner:

The story behind the winning photo

‘’I was inspired by the Netflix serie ‘’The 100’’, the adventures, fairytale, fantasy feeling and mood really appealed to me. I have tried to get that in to this photo as well. The portrait is of my daughter Lindy, she loves being a model for my photos. Which makes me really proud! ‘’

Berthien Beekvelt - Winner photo contest Perfect Portraits - February 2020

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Xpozer Team Picks:

The Xpozer Team has chosen two winners for creativity and technique. They will get The Xpozer Prize Package! These are the winners:

Pefect Portaits Technique Winner:

Monique Raaijmakers

De power of powerlessness

Pefect Portaits Creative Winner:

Zander Troost


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