spring is coming

Winners Photo Contest: Spring is Coming, March 2020

In March we look forward to springtime. Spring makes us think of freshly mown grass, colorfull flowers and the first rays of sunshine. We expected to see lots of color and cheerfulness, and we definitely saw a lot of those!

During springtime we exchange our dark winter accessories for pastels and happiness. It’s easy to add to that cheerful atmosphere by adding a beautiful new photo print to your wall. This way you can even enjoy spring on rainy days.

Spring is Coming Winner

Photographer Arend Spaans chose the winner this time. And the winner is … Elke de Proost

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spring is coming

The story behind the winning photo

Elke de Proost - Winner photo contest Spring is Coming - March 2020

Spring, my favorite season of the year.
Wonderful to see the young leaves and blossoms come back to the trees.
The birds can be heard "chirping" again.

I live in Arendonk, a real "farm hole" as they say around here.
Many fields, farms and flower fields.

I always go exploring in January / February to spot locations for my communion photo shoots.
During my search I came across this beautiful sheep farm.
They are dairy sheep where the milk is used for cheese and ice cream.
The lambs are taken from the mother from birth and brought up with the bottle.
These lambs are therefore very tame and people-oriented.
I thought that would be ideal!

The person in this photo is one of my own, my 7 year old daughter.
I have 4 children and they occasionally serve as test persons.
My daughter is a true animal lover, so she loved it!

I don't like posed portraits myself. I prefer to let children do their own thing.
This will make your photos very casual / natural.

I have been playing with photography for almost two years now and I really love how I can capture children in photos in such a dreamy way.
My style is often described as dreamy / with a spark of magic.

If you feel like more after this photo, you can always take a look at my website www.ElkeDeProostFotography.com

This photo was taken with my Canon 5d M4
and my favorite lens is the Canon 70-200 2.8

Xpert photographer Arend Spaans about the winning photo:

I could not ignore this photo and it was immediately clear that this would be a winner for me.

Beautiful color scheme / toning. The girl full in her element so that the camera is forgotten always gives nice results. Beautiful course in blurry background. Despite that a small point of positive criticism. I had removed the black hose / pipe in the post-processing. Congratulations on behalf of me / Xpozer and the others with your first prize. Well done!

Xpozer Team Picks:

The Xpozer Team has chosen two winners for creativity and technique. They will get The Xpozer Prize Package! These are the winners:

Spring is Coming Technique Winner:

Luuk Wilbers

Flower development of the Carnivorous plant - spoon-leaved sundew, Drosera spatulata

Spring is Coming Creative Winner:

Autumn Targett

Spring is Coming

Petals all around

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