Winners Photo Contest: The Art of Black & White

The winner of the photo contest The Art of Black & White has been chosen! All beautiful submissions have made it tough on the jury to pick a winner, but there was one picture that stood out.

Colors of the World Winner

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About the Winner

Photographer Frank Weren - The Netherlands

Photo: Portrait With Hoody - Werenfotografie

Camera info: Canon EOS 6D - 50mm - 1/200 - F6.3 - ISO 100

About the Winning photo

As a photographer you are always looking for all kinds of subjects to photograph.

It can of course be anything. This also makes it so much fun for me to work with photography. One of the things I find interesting is photographing people. They can be found everywhere, but they are not always available. Fortunately, you can always photograph yourself.

This is how the portrait with hoody was created.

The portrait I made is one of a series of self-portraits in which I each time captured myself in a different capacity.

My intention was to capture me with not too many means, but then by using light, wild hair and clothing as a kind of character from a so-called tough Viking from the film. The black and white editing and the addition of extra contrast made this photo.

Xpert photographer Mark van Velsen about the winning photo

Well… When browsing through all the photos chosen by the public, this was the one who immediately "grabbed me by the balls" to say it a bit uncivilized. What a great head, fantastic raw detail and the light just on the second eye. I immediately got a great feeling about this, so congratulations! You may call yourself the winner of this photo contest and please continue to take these kinds of amazing portraits.

Xpozer Team Picks:

The Xpozer Team has chosen two winners for creativity and great technique skills. They will get The Xpozer Prize Package! These are the winners:

The Art of Black & White Skills Winner:

Maurice Jonas

The Netherlands

Film Noir

The Art of Black & White Creative Winner:

Maryana Mileeva


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Top 25

This was the top 25 of the competition. See if you are there and read the feedback from Mark van Velsen on all photos!

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