Winners Photo Contest: Wanderlust | 2024-03

Winners Photo Contest: Wanderlust | 2024-03

The photo contest ‘Wanderlust’ has come to an end. We have received many contributions showing us our lovely big planet from a multitude of angles and perspectives. Big Thank you to everyone who participated!

From the 25 most-voted photos, we have chosen a top 3. Congratulations to all the winners!

The winner of the ‘Wanderlust ‘ contest is …Dimo Hristev

Photo: Dimo Hristev

The winning photo:

“Welcome to Norway. Ten days at Lofoten island and just two hours of sun, so this image means a lot to me. Reine is a small city but with amazing landscape views everywhere. It’s just another world and will be in my heart forever.” – Dimo Hristev

We were mesmerised by this shot. The group of houses on this small island seems like the end of the world and evokes our inner explorer heart. The sunrays which break through the sky and dramatically illuminate houses and mountainsides are truly magical. The yellow-orange tones of the sunlight complement the blue and turquoise tones of the sky and clear water, a colour palette that brings satisfaction.

2nd place goes to … Khổng Giang

Photo: Khổng Giang

This astonishing photograph shows us drying incense sticks. The composition is genius; with a dynamic line following the golden ratio, the image is divided into two parts: One half is filled with purple incense sticks, arranged like blossoming flowers. The other half is predominantly colored in a calm beige and balances out the other half of the picture. A few accents by two people and bundles of incense sticks keep the picture dynamic. It’s as if you can smell the fragrance, and we are definitely inspired by this destination.

3rd place is … Ed van der Reek

Photo: Ed van der Reek

A woman wanders in the desert; we do not know where she comes from, nor where she is going. But we see how small she is, in proportion to the vastness of the desert. This awakens the feeling that there is so much to see in the wide world. The sand appears slightly lighter in the centre of the picture, adding a dramatic accent to the scene, and from the lower edge of the picture, her tracks and other traces climb upwards, almost like a grasping hand, hungry for adventure and the vastness of the world.


Congrats on all of your submissions! It has been great to see so many incredible photos.

Did you enjoy the contest? We’ve got a new contest going until the end of April. We are looking for your best photos!

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