Turn your home into a gallery using your own photos!

Your own photo on the wall. Beautiful.

  • Floating gallery look
  • Swap prints easily
  • Large sizes, up to 120x180cm (40” x 60”)

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These are our most popular sizes. We have many more sizes to choose from. Our clever software will analyse the quality of your photo and will suggest the best size.

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Versatile and impressive. Fits any room and any picture.

€79,95 (print only: €54,95)



Instantly gives your space character and color.

€199,95 (print only: €99,95)



A perfect size for smartphone, drone or micro 4/3 photos.

€129,95 (print only: €74,95)



Guaranteed to be the topic of many conversations.

€119,95 (print only: €69,95)

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For that picture-perfect print

For your walls and the planet

Reusable framing and efficient shipping

Picture-perfect prints

Up to 120x180cm.

We have the biggest prints! If you want to make a statement and impress your friends, don't be modest. Measure the size of your wall and see what fits the room to create a well-balanced and beautiful space.


Keeps impressing

Reusable frame.

Your walls will never bore you again. Whenever you are ready for something new, just order your newest pic in the same size and swap your prints now and then to keep things fresh.


Not only for professionals

Gallery look at home.

Xpozer gives your photos the spotlight they deserve. Your Xpozer Print has an invisible Frame behind it, so all the attention goes to your photo and all its little details.


Details matter.

Details make a great photo, but also a good print and presentation.


UV protected Print

The colors in your photo won't fade away over time.

Patented tension spring system

For a perfectly flat presentation.

Scratch and water proof Print

The Xpozer Print may be thin and lightweight, but it is definitely strong and durable.

Self adjusting tension distributors

To guide the tension in all directrions and ensure a perfectly flat print.

Your photos deserve the best

Xpozer compared to ...

... photos on canvas

Canvas has a structured, woven surface, that undos your photo's sharpness. Canvas is nice for painters, not for photos.

... photos on aluminum

Aluminum is a beautiful material. But also, it's heavy, often shiny and it scratches easily. It's not ideal for hanging and enjoying your photos.

... photos on acrylic

Acrylic materials turn into mirrors on a sunny day. Looking at yourself may be fun, but then you'll miss your pretty photo ;-)


All you need to know.

Do you have other questions? Don't hesitate to contact us.


Satisfaction Guaranteed.

We know what it takes to make photos because we are photographers ourselves. We are only satisfied when you are satisfied and proud of your photo print. If there is something wrong, we’ll fix it for you. 

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What I love about Xpozer is the no-nonsense mentality. It looks good, it’s easy to mount and swap, it doesn’t require any technical skills to make a high quality print.

Albert Dros @albertdrosphotography

Xpozer is the system we use in our Kelby One Gallery. Xpozer prints look amazing. It’s not matte, it’s not glossy. It’s Vivid Satin. They stand off the wall and they make this awesome shadow, adding dimension to the whole thing. I’m such a big fan of the Xpozer system.

Scott Kelby

It is important to me that the expression, sharpness and colors come across exactly as I intended. This is precisely why I am an ambassador for Xpozer.

Frank Doorhof @frankdoorhof

Only when I see my photos as large prints on Xpozer and hang them on the wall, am I really able to determine and judge the quality.

Gustav Kiburg @gustavkiburgphotography

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