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Bring your photos to life

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One Xpozer frame

For all your

beautiful photos.


Rotate all of your wall-worthy photos through the same Xpozer frame. Print the photo you like best now and Xchange it with a new one whenever you want.  DIY was never so easy!


Xpozer gives you the highest quality for the lowest price. Unlike canvas, your savings grow as you use the same frame to share an endless number of stunning photos.


We print on Vivid Satin HD photo paper. It is specially developed for Xpozer to ensure the maximum sharpness of each photo print. You won’t miss a single detail.

Take a look inside

Photos from our Xpozer fans.

“simple, effective and neatly finished system”

- J. Amsing

“Within two weeks I ordered a second one! The quality is astounding!”

- Michelle

“The forest is always near us and the sun never stops shining! Panorama 60” x 40”.”

- C. Noya

"Amazing swap system. Hangs perfectly above my piano!"

- Anja

Yes! Totally satisfied with my photo of Iceland. Panorama size 60”x 30”.

- F. de Vos

“Awesome product! Size 80” x 40”.”

- O. Descamps

“Perfect print, razor sharp and exactly how I experienced it!”

- J. van Drunen

Xpozer photo print

The newest way to share your story.

Maximum detail

Every pixel counts! Your photo is printed on Vivid Satin HD photo paper at maximum resolution for razor sharp details.

Color match

Careful calibration during the printing process ensures that the printed colors match your original photo. Like being there all over again.


Every Xpozer photo print is non-glare. No more annoying reflections or bright spots, even in direct sunlight.

  • 12 color
  • 2.400 dpi
  • 1:1 calibrated
  • Non-fade
    Pigment ink
  • No cutting loss
  • 100% non-glare

Albert Dros

Award Winning Photographer: Time, Huffington Post, Daily Mail, National Geographic

“Xpozer simply suits me. The prints are extremely high-quality, making the photo almost come to life. This is also what I’m trying to achieve with my photography.”

Purple Dutch | Albert Dros – 14mm – f/9 – 1/40 – ISO 200

Revolutionary frame

The future is here.


The revolutionary tension technology in Xpozer’s frame is patented and unique in the world. It is engineered to keep your photos perfectly taut for a clean, modern display.


The ultra-lightweight Xpozer frame is made of slender aluminum bars. Designed to hang easily on any wall type, even drywall. Your wall will thank us.

Custom sizing

Xpozer offers an outstanding selection of sizes and ratios. From 16″x 16″ to 40″ x 80″. From square to panorama. An Xpozer to fit every photo.

  • Lightweight
  • Reusable
  • Perfectly taut
    Tension spring
  • Nonvisible
  • Drop shadow
    around photo
  • Patented

Awarded & Seen


Your stunning photos

On the wall within minutes

Hanging hardware

Displaying your photo was never this fast or easy. With only one screw Xpozer’s mounting bracket is secure, for a clean and modern wall display.

Rail display

Xpozer can also be hung using a picture rail system. Perfect for an impressive display in galleries, office and home. Cable mounts are included.

Landscape and portrait

Use Xpozer for both landscape and portrait photos. Want to change the orientation for a future photo print? Simply turn the frame!


Meet the Xpozer stars

Albert Dros
Frank Doorhof
Richard ter Borg
Wendy Appelman
Matin Hogeboom
Jan Vermeer
Mark van Velsen
Laura Vink
Gustav Kiburg
Ferry Knijn
Adri de Visser
Walter Spoor

Freedom | Albert Dros – 14mm – f/9 – 20 – ISO 3200

Let's get going!

The Xpozer Starter Kit includes everything you need.


Photo print

Your photo is printed on Vivid Satin HD photo paper with a non-glare finish. Pre-mounted corner brackets click effortlessly into your reusable Xpozer frame.


Xpozer frame

This revolutionary, reusable frame lets you quickly and easily swap out one photo for another. Assemble the compact, 3-piece frame in mere seconds.


Hanging hardware

We include everything you need to hang your photo expertly on the wall: wall mount, cleat and screws. Display your photo proudly and within minutes.


Storage box

The storage box is essential for your photo collection. Keep each of your photos safe and sound during transport, or until you’re ready to hang them again.

Simply innovative

The revolutionary Xpozer system.

Every imaginable size

From small to huge, from square to panorama.

Be the frame changer

And step into the world of Xpozer.

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