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Saturnusstraat 60 unit 59
2516 AH Den Haag
​The Netherlands
+31-15711 077
[email protected]

Chamber of Commerce: 53207637
Tax exempt number: 850793439B01
Bank IBAN: NL92INGB0006081137

About Xpozer

Why we created Xpozer.  Xpozer was born as a solution to a photo predicament. Clemens wanted to give a big photo print as a Mother’s Day gift but couldn’t find an option that was high-quality, stylish and easy. All of the available products fell short of what he wanted. Back then he and Ivan (Xpozer's co-founders) were both engineering students at the Technical University of Delft in The Netherlands. As passionate hobby photographers, techies and engineering students, this was the perfect challenge. 

Dutch design for photographers. Knowing that photographers take more than one great photo, they wanted a simple way to hang high-quality and enormous photo prints - and to change those prints easily.

After graduating they got to work and 1640 feet (about 500 meters) of aluminum and 74 prototypes later, they made their first customers happy. Photos really come to life with an Xpozer Vivid Satin photo print hung on Xpozer's innovative, hidden frame. All the attention is on the photo, with the elegance and simplicity of the frame literally hanging behind. It’s Dutch design for photographers. 

Modern frame for all your stories. Xpozer’s frame uses a patented tension-spring mechanism to keep every photo hanging perfectly taut without a visible frame. Whenever you want to hang a new photo, you simply release the tension-spring and move the frame from one great photo to another. Every Xpozer photo print comes with pre-mounted corner brackets that slide easily onto the corners of the frame. With such an easy and money-saving solution, you can hang new photos on your wall whenever you want. 

We’re happy. Of course, Xpozer is super proud of the prizes it has won: a Red Dot Design Award, an IF Design Award, the Phillips Innovation Design Award and a bunch more. But mostly Clemens, Ivan and the whole Xpozer team are just happy because now they can hang all their newest photos perfectly and share this cool system with others.