Frequently Asked Questions


How quickly will I receive my Xpozer?
We’ll print your wall photo within 3 working days and get it in the mail. You’ll receive an email from us when it has been shipped. Depending on the shipping option you choose, you will receive your Xpozer within 5 – 8 days (hurray!).

What are my shipping options?
Within the contiguous USA, your options are Standard (4-5 business days); Two-day (within 2 business days); and One-day (within 1 business day).

How can I track my Xpozer in the mail?
Package tracking information is sent via email to the address you provided.

What is the best photo print size for my wall?
From years of customer experience, we suggest that you choose a print size that best suits the space and furniture where you want to hang your photo (above your couch, dining room table, desk, bed, etc.). You may also choose to group multiple photos together for a creative, impressive display. If you will hang your photo(s) with no furniture underneath, we suggest a minimum print height of 32 inches.

How do I assemble my Xpozer? 
Xpozer is super easy to assemble. 1) Click the three-piece frame together; 2) Slide the four pre-mounted corner brakets on the back of your photo onto the four corners of the frame; 3) Hang using provided hardware.

If you prefer video, check out the Xpozer assembly video made by Mark Richardson from Camera Stupid, one of our Xpozer fans!

How should I care for my Xpozer photo print? 
With love! Your photo print is delivered with a clear foil to protect its surface. The photo print is not scratch-resistant so we recommend first hanging your stunning photo on the wall and then removing the protective foil. You can use a soft, dry cloth to remove dust from your photo, but please do not use water or any wet/damp cloth to clean your photo print.

Photo Upload

What are the photo upload requirements? 
To ensure that your Xpozer print meets expectations, the uploaded photo must be of a high enough quality for the printing dimensions. This is necessary to ensure that each pixel in the photo is optimally utilized. We recommend that you first examine your photo at 100% size to have a good impression of how it will look as an enlarged Xpozer photo print.

What resolution does my photo need to be?
Higher resolution means a sharper photo print on Xpozer. Using photo-editing software to artificially increase the resolution of your photo is NOT recommended.

Does my photo need to have 300 dpi/ppi?
NOPE. The quality of your photo will not improve if use you a photo-editing software such as Photoshop to artificially increase the photo’s resolution to 300 dpi. The software will artificially create more dots. While many people think that 300 dpi is required for printing, it is not necessary. Actually, by artificially increasing the resolution of a photo you unnecessarily increase the uploading time for the photo.

Do my graphic illustrations need to have 300 dpi/ppi? 
YEP. We always recommend 300 dpi/ppi for vector-based illustrations (logos, text), as well as photo collages and photo mosaics composed of multiple photos.

Which file formats are acceptable?
JPG, JPEG, PNG, OR TIFF. For photo uploading, a JPG (JPEG) file is recommended. Digital cameras use JPG as the standard file format. A JPG file is good quality and relatively small, which makes uploading faster. The quality difference between JPG and TIFF is not or almost not visible on print quality.

Which color profile is recommended? 
sRGB or AdobeRGB. These are standard in digital cameras. The use of other profiles can cause color distortions. CMYK files are not recommended. CMYK files have a limited and different color space than sRGB or AdobeRGB. When converted to CMYK, a lot of colors are discarded, which generally reduces the quality of your image.

Is a TIFF better than a JPG? – DOUBLE CHECK
Theoretically, a TIFF can save more information about an image (higher number of bits and without compression). The difference between a TIFF and a JPG will not be visible in practice / print. Also, if saved incorrectly, a TIFF if can lead to a worse result. If you would like to provide a TIFF, please contact us to provide your TIFF.