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How about vertical (portrait) and horizontal (landscape) orientation?

The Xpozer frame is designed to be used vertically and horizontally. So you can hang your frame in any orientation you want and even reuse the frame for a new photo with another orientation. After uploading your photo, you can change the orientation of the crop. 

Which ratio should I chose?

The ratio of your print is a personal chose. You can choose whichever ratio you want. For example a square ratio for a portrait photo or a 3:1 panorama ratio for a stunning landscape. However, when you choose a ratio that matches the sensor of your camera you don't have to crop your photo and will result in a higher resolution image and sharper print. Blow an overview of the aspect ratio's of different camera sensors.

3:2: Full-frame, APS-C

4:3: Micro-Four-Third, Smartphones, Compact camera, Action camera, Drones

When will I receive my order ?

After placing your uploading and uploading your image, we will ship your order within 3 working days.

What are the shipping costs?

The shipping costs are $9.95 per order with a delivery address in the USA. If you want to delivery outside the USA, please place your order in the according country store by clicking the link below.