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Xpozer Starter Pack

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  • 16" x 24"

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normally : $99.95 now only: $79

+ Gift Pack worth: $177

  • You will receive the Gift Pack directly in your e-mailbox. When choosing "Upload Later" you will get 1 year to choose and upload your photo.

Extras worth: $177

  • E-Course: From Photo to Print
  • E-Book: Photo Editing for print
  • Preset-Pack for Lightroom & Luminar
  • $10 Giftcard for your next Xpozer
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Xpozer prints exclusively on our custom-made Vivid Satin photo material, giving your photos a stunning gallery look for a fraction of the cost. Thanks to Xpozer’s Forever Frame, you can hang one great photo after another using the same Frame. It uses patented tension-spring technology to keep every Print hanging perfectly.

The Prints

We print exclusively on our custom-developed Vivid Satin photo material. This material’s multiple layers and coatings are optimized to create the best possible presentation of your photo. It’s strong, UV-resistant and non-glare, which means your photo will look great from every angle, even in direct sunlight. Every Xpozer Vivid Satin Print comes with four corner pieces pre-mounted on the back of the Print to fit the "Forever Frame."

The 'Forever' Frame

Made of strong, light-weight aluminium, Xpozer’s unique Frame will hold each of your stunning photos perfectly flat using its patented tension-spring technology. Release the spring mechanism to easily switch the Frame to a new photo Print.

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How does xpozer measure up

Spot the differences

Canvas Print vs. Xpozer

Canvas is for painters

Did you know? Canvas fabric was originally developed for painters in the 14th century. We love a good painting, but we don't like canvas for our high resolution photos because the texture of the canvas eliminates all the detail. Besides, we don't want to lose part of our photo to wrapped borders.

foto op canvas vergelijken met xpozer print

Metal Print vs. Xpozer

Metal-look without the heavy price

We like heavy-metal, but not heavy-metal prints. Why? Because they come with a heavy price. Unlike metal prints, Xpozer prints won’t break the bank. Plus, they’re easy to store, transport, and display with a non-glare, paper-thin edge. What’s not to love?

foto op aluminium vergelijken met xpozer print

Acrylic vs. Xpozer

Less glare, more flare

Mirror mirror on the wall, what is the best way to print my photos? Choose acrylic if you want to see yourself in the reflection. Choose Xpozer if you want your photo to look great from all angles, even bright sunlight. Our vivid-satin photo material makes all the difference.

foto op plexiglas vergelijken met xpozer print

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We know what it means to bring your greatest photos into your life because, we are photographers ourselves. We are only satisfied when you are satisfied and proud of your photo print. If there is something wrong, we’ll fix it for you. 

FREE Photo Check

Our Photo Xperts aren’t just experts, they're also extremely passionate. They understand that the magic happens when a digital image is printed. Therefore we offer a unique personal photo check for free.

Awarded Print Quality

We’re not a print shop. We focus on one product, which makes us efficient. Switch photo Prints by reusing your Frame again and again. This way you will get that a smile on your face after every photo adventure.

Inspiration and examples 

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