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Molengraaffsingel 12-14
2629JD Delft
015-7111077 (+31157111077)

Chamber of Commerce: 53207637
Tax exempt number: 850793439B01
Bank IBAN: NL92INGB0006081137

About Xpozer

The adventure started spring 2007 when two students from the Technical University in Delft were looking for a personal present for mother’s day. After a long search they could not find a stylish solution and decided to invent their own, simple solution. A few days later the idea was born and the prototype was ready. When they found out there was a lot of demand for their product they decided to continue. Currently, Xpozer works with (inter)national partners who believe that Xpozer is the successor of Canvas. We focus 100% on our concept as well as our mission. Passion for photography and innovation are our core values.